Charity - The Children's Book Box

A donation of £1000 made to the KGH Charity Fund was presented to Layla and her team to fund a project for children of families with Breast Cancer.


The resource was to produce books to be given to children to help them understand what their parents are going through. 1 book is for under 5-year-olds called Mummy's Lump and the other is the Secret C for over 7s.


The aim is to have book boxes with age-appropriate material to then help families talk to their children and make the process of diagnosis easier to deal with, and potentially help open up the conversation around diagnosis.


Also, The Fruit-Fly collective packs called cloud kits have activities in them to help children understand through play.


These boxes are beneficial to the Palliative care team - Still within the Breast cancer setting,

Layla Walden.Macmillan nurse- (The inspiration behind the idea)

And the team Breast Cancer unit

Simon Tilley Branch Manager Hevey

David Wright Branch Director Hevey

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